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Review Golf Poker Chip Ball Marker (Pack of 25), Plain, Non-Printed

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Details: Golf Poker Chip Ball Marker (Pack of 25), Plain, Non-Printed

Brand: Par Golf Supply, Inc.

Review Golf Poker Chip Ball Marker (Pack of 25), Plain, Non-Printed

check price Golf Poker Chip Ball Marker (Pack of 25), Plain, Non-Printed


  • Products can be returned
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Poker Chip Ball Marker, available in 12 colors.
  • Chip is 1 9/16″, 11.5 grams with a metal insert for weight and durability
  • Made the same size and weight of a casino chip.


  • Is an online purchase
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas.

review Golf Poker Chip Ball Marker (Pack of 25), Plain, Non-Printed

review Golf Poker Chip Ball Marker (Pack of 25), Plain, Non-Printed

Buyer Guide Golf Ball Markers

Whether you’re looking to buy a golf ball marker as a gift or for yourself, you’ll want to make sure that you check this guide out first.

  • Size: Golf ball markers come in a variety of different sizes and types. Typically, the bigger the size of the marker, the more it’s made of. For example, a golf ball marker with a 4?? hinge might cost $11.99 (USD). Look for oversized markers, which are typically made of brass.
  • Materials: The materials of the marker you choose will depend on personal preference. For example, some golfers prefer ball markers made of brass, while others prefer stainless steel.
  • Brand: Look for a reputable brand, such as Wilson, Callaway, or Bridgestone.
  • Price: Generally speaking, the larger the size of the marker, the more it costs. But, don’t solely base your decision on price!
  • Color and Design: Look for a marker that is aesthetically appealing to you. Golf ball markers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials.

How to choose Golf Ball Markers

As a golfer, you want to look your best. When you play other golfers, you want to stand out. A great way to distinguish yourself on the golf course is by using a unique golf ball marker. But how can you find the right one?

Here are the top considerations to make when choosing your golf ball marker:

Color – When it comes to color, you should choose the one that is most visible to you. Red, orange, and yellow are some of your best options. Blue is also a good color; however, it’s harder to see. Green is definitely a bad color to choose.

Shape – The shape of your golf ball marker matters as well. Spherical markers are your best bet because they don’t roll away. Flat markers are a good option if you don’t want your marker to roll away. Another option is a Driver design marker.

Material – The best golf ball markers are made from metal. Plastic markers can crack or chip easily. Metal markers, on the other hand, are durable. But keep in mind that metal markers can get hot in the sun and can burn your palm.

Price – Last, but not least, you should consider how much it will cost you. Golf ball markers range in price from around $5

How to use Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have in golf. Over the past few decades, the ball marker has evolved from a simple piece of metal to a sleek, technological machine that is easy to customize, incredibly durable, and makes ball identification easier than ever!

A golf ball marker is composed of several parts: the shaft, the marker tip, and the medallion. The shaft is the part of the marker that extends out from the medallion. The marker tip is usually attached to the shaft with a small screw. The medallion is where the identifying information is shown.